Insurance Agency Management in Salesforce

Many insurance agencies are now using Salesforce to manage policy information. The challenge is to create the right object structure and object relationships since otherwise system may work with a lot of limitations. For example if you want to cover multiple drivers under a policy and one driver can also be associated to multiple policies, you need to keep the driver object separate and create a junction between Driver and Policy objects. If the system has correct object structure it will result in enormous time and financial savings.
Automation of business process is the second integral element after object structure. For example automation of policy downloads, auto populating ACORD forms, filling Carrier application form templates and other similar business processes come under automation process. Once insurance business automation is in place speed of work increases exponentially, business becomes much more efficient and one can focus on increasing the sales.

Our team consists of Salesforce developers who are well equipped with domain knowledge of Insurance industry. That is based on several projects we have done with Insurance Agencies in USA to help them create or rectify Salesforce object structure and automate their business processes. We can help you with all of the following and more:

  • Creating hierarchical object structure in Salesforce for all major types of insurance - Personal, Home, Property, Commercial Auto, General Business Liability, Professional Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Rectifying existing Salesforce object structure to make it flexible for business needs
  • Cleanup and rearrangement of existing data to store and relate it correctly (removal of duplicates, moving data from one field/object to another field/object, data merge etc)
  • Automate task assignment, reminders, policy downloads, reports generation, emails
  • Auto populate ACORD Forms
  • Attach documents to corresponding policies/contacts inside Salesforce Claims, Coverages, Endorsement management
  • Commission Reconcile
  • Create templates for different emails and auto populate them with data (mail merge)
  • Create templates for different Carrier Application Forms and auto populate them
  • Manage Policies renewals, expiry, Certificate of Insurance
  • Different Salesforce layouts based on different record types
  • Web to Lead forms on your website to store Leads in Salesforce
  • Bulk Data import/export (Apex data loader, Bulk API)
  • Integration of Salesforce with other systems like your website, accounting system or any other external system you are using (SOAP/REST, oAuth 2.0 integration)
We can help with this and a lot more. Get in touch today by writing to us at or fill the contact us form. We will be glad to assist you.
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