Commission Reconcile

If you want to automate commission management we can assist you. Manually entering and reconciling the commission statement transactions from data on paper can be very time consuming and error prone. We can automate the end to end process for you so that you could configure what to do with the mismatches by defining rules. Also auto calculation of the producer splits based on actual transaction amounts in the download statements can be implemented.
Given below is the list of what can be covered in the commission statements download and reconciliation:

  • Configuring IVANS or Teamup downloads of commission statements automatically without manual intervention
  • Parsing the downloaded file to extract each commission statement, policy details and various transactions associated with the statement
  • Matching data received in the downloaded file with data in your AMS or CRM, presenting corresponding records on user interface if required
  • Updating data in your AMS or CRM according to the manual actions selected by user on UI or automatic application of business rules as configured
  • Emailing the mismatches if needed
  • Based on metadata of producer splits defined by you calculating producer commissions and updating your AMS or CRM
  • If your AMS pre-calculates the producer commissions then reconciling and generating a report of mismatches
  • Reconciling against your actual bank receipts and invoices

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